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By James Dean, Associate Broker/Realtor
(Solid Source Realty,Inc.)
A contract that is one-sided, favoring the party who drafted the document.  In fact, an adhesion contract can be so one-sided that doubt arises as to its being a voluntary and uncoered agreement because it implies a serious inequality of bargaining power. Courts will not enforce provisions in adhesion contracts that are unfair and oppressive to the party who did not prepare the contract.  Also called a take-it-or-leave-it contract.Contracts with a lot of fine print, such as franchise agreements, mortgages and leases, are sometimes challenged as adhesion contracts on the basis that the nondrafting party did not have a chance to bargain on the various provisions of the agreement.An insurance contract (property,title, life) also is sometimes challenged as being an adhesion contract.  Court...
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