Walden Park (Atlanta, GA)
By Elva Branson-Lee, CDPE - Atlanta Real Estate & Short Sale Agent
(Solid Source Realty GA)
12-30-2011 -- Just got back from the last closing of 2011! Another Wells Fargo short sale success! After nearly seven months and three buyers, we finally got it closed. To all of you underwater sellers out there, here's more proof that short sales can be the answer to an unmanageable mortgage or an unsellable property. Congratulations to both sellers and buyers on this one. And a special thanks to the sellers for their patience and fortitude through a long and often frustrating process of marketing, showings, document submission, negotiating and moving. They deserved their win today... they can now enjoy their new life in a better location, and do so with a full release of lien, as a result of the short sale. A win, also, the for buyers, who got a fabulous property at a bargain price. A...
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