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By Dulcey Schuster, Property Management Software
(Rentec Direct Property Management Software Tenant Screening)
Becoming a landlord can and is a daunting endeavor. We’ve all heard the horror stories about 1. the tenants that make life miserable and cost years worth of any potential profits from your real estate investment 2. the house that needed thousands and thousands of dollars in unanticipated repairs or 3. housing market collapse (that rings a bell). Positive cash flow and appreciation are two key factors in being a successful real estate investor. Today I’m going to focus in on 1. The tenant factor. Tenants can stifle your profits in several ways, some common occurrences include; tenants trashing the property, refusing to move out, refusing to pay, selling, growing, or cooking up drugs, and last but not least stripping the home and selling off the fixtures for their next fix.Those are the h...
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