Midnight Cove Ii (Sarasota, FL)
By Christina Miller
(Sarasota Bay Real Estate)
Focus on Midnight Cove Bayside for the property that encapsulates the resort lifestyle at the barrier island of Siesta Key in Florida. This gated community was developed during a three-year period from 1977 to 1980. There are seventy-four units in this condominium complex at Midnight Pass Road fronting the Sarasota Bay; it also has a deeded access to the beach. This ideal location makes a condo unit at Midnight Cove Bayside a highly favored choice either for a vacation home or a permanent residence. A small-sized option here with an 860-square-foot floor plan can be sales-listed at $269,000. An option for a bigger unit having 1,720 square feet of floor space can be negotiated at around the $600,000 level. Condo owners can recoup their investments through a liberal rental program, admini...
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