Desota Park (Sarasota, FL)
By Jaime Carrion, Sarasota Real Estate
(Michael Saunders & Co.)
Within walking distance from Southside Village, Desota Park is a unbelievable gem found in one of the most coveted and historic “west of the trail” communities Sarasota has to offer. Just minutes from the beach, from quaint Southside Village, or from Sarasota’s chic downtown area, Desota Park is a great place for those who like being near everything. Originally platted during the housing boom of the 1920s, Desota Park and her bungalow homes were originally built in the traditional Spanish style of the day. Today, the architectural landscape can be somewhat different. Most of the homes have either been restored or remodeled, with quite a number of the original structures being totally replaced with newer homes that feature more modern amenities. No matter what the case, this is a sought-...
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