Treasure Island (Saint Petersburg, FL)
By Anne Hensel, Realtor - Broker - St. Pete Beach, Treasure Island
(South Beaches Real Estate Professionals)
Thanks to Brian and Bobby Spaeth and Richard I went fishing last Sunday. Fishing is really not my thing, but I got excited about being out on the water all day and just taking it easy. Little did I know . . . . ..  We left the marina at 5 AM yes, in the morning. I had to wake up when other people go to bed. Long story short, it was a beautiful day, I got home 13 hours later and No fish whatsoever not even cat food. So, the fishing trip was not very successful but I saw the most awesome sunrise behind the skyway bridge and I want to share some photos with you.                           When I am not fishing, I sell real estate. If you think about buying or selling a house or condo in Saint Petersburg Florida, give me a call. I know the market, I know the neighborhood. Ask me about waterf...
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By Anne Hensel, Realtor - Broker - St. Pete Beach, Treasure Island
(South Beaches Real Estate Professionals)
I already wrote a post about it way back, but I have to do it again, just to spread the word. There is a beautiful, very special way here in Treasure Island to celebrate the sunset. Every Sunday around 5 pm a lot of people come the Treasure Island public beach on the corner of Gulf Blvd and 104 Ave cross the street from the new Publix to set up their drums and bongos. It is a little different every Sunday, but that is part of the beauty. It can not be explained, you have to come and see for yourself. Once everything is set up and enough people have shown up the start to play. It is not rehearsed and most of them do not even know each other. Anyway, about an hour before sunset everybody else comes in with blanket and coolers etc. There are hundreds and hundred of people all of them with ...
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By Kathleen Hill
(Keller Williams Realty)
Everyone wants to know whats up with the market these days.... well there are many opportunities to make money now in Real Estate.  Prices are down, in some areas up to 20%, sales are up, and interests rates are holding for now!  Which I predict will not last long.  We are seeing good buys move in just hours, indicating there are many buyerson the sidelines waiting for the bottom...well now is the time, before they announc the bottom. We have seen a dramatic swing in purchases the past 2 months and it seems that now is a great time to take advantage of this "down market" .  I would be happy to give you exact stats on our area.  zip me an email or call me and lets see if we can find some properties for you in St Petersburg area. Kathleen
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By South Beaches Real Estate Team
(South Beaches Real Estate Professionals)
I wanted to write this two weeks ago, but I did not have time because I was showing property here in St. Petersburg Treasure Island!!! Hard to believe, I know. It doesn't matter what newspaper you read or what magazine you open or which channel on TV you watch, bad news and more bad news about the market. Highest foreclosure rate, highest short sale rate, highest inventory, huge drop in sales prices etc. . . Well all this is true, but on the positive site, buyers are ready willing and able!!! We have seen a lot of activity here in treasure island, St. Pete beach and Madeira Beach. This is something I have not read anywhere yet. Fortunately as a Realtor, I do not need the media or statistics to tell me what the market is like. All I need is my phone. It is going crazy; I had more inquiri...
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