Riviera Bay (Saint Petersburg, FL)
By Maria Kadau, Tampa Bay Realtor
(Coastal Properties Group Intl/Christie's International)
In 2012 I had the privilege of representing the sellers of the first LEED GOLD Certified residence in Florida. It was a truly fascinating experience. I learned so much about sustainable living, recyled products, and energy-efficient appliances and standards. And of course , I was given the opportunity to employ specific marketing techniques built to attract those buyers who would appreciate this unique home. Here  is the history: built on the site of a n existing 744-square foot home, rather then demolishing the old home and discarding its waste, the new owners  in 2008 converted it into a two-car garage for the new home. The house was completely deconstructed, and much of the remnants were recycled. The new home was built on pilings above the original home. Cool, huh?The open kitchen f...
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