Lake Lizzie (Saint Cloud, FL)
By Allison Stewart, St. Cloud Fl Realtor, Osceola County Real Estate 407-616-9904
(St.Cloud Homes )
 It is hard to imagine living the American Dream- You thought it would last forever.One day you are living the life royal and the next  waking up to realize it has become a nightmare. Trapped in a house you can no longer afford. Creditors calling day and night, bills piling up and no relief in sight.  Equity lines choking the life out of you. The market has done you dirty. Flashback to the depression, a chicken in every pot. Lines of unemployed, and shanty towns life in 1929. The Real Estate Market suffered a severe adjustment in 2006. Many were caught off guard, and were over extended. Living just above their means, it became increasingly difficult to make the payments. Many fell behind. This is great news for investors who waited it out. After twelve months of adjustment, there are so...
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