Alys Beach (Rosemary Beach, FL)
By Miriam Dillon, Realtor in Rosemary Beach, SoWal and all of 30A
(Rosemary Beach Realty)
UPDATED: There are just 2 properties that remain in Rosemary Beach for under $500,000.  When this article was originally written in March, 2013, there were 6 properties priced under $500,000 in Rosemary Beach.  Please email me at for more information. The good news is that there are properties for sale in Rosemary Beach, FL under $500,000!  Six to be exact.   Five are 2 bedroom condos in The Flats at Rosemary Beach and one is a 1 bedroom condo in The Lofts.  Select this link to view the properties. The Coquina Pool The Flats are comprised of 5, 3 story buildings located on either side of St. Augustine Park. The new Rosemary Beach, FL amphitheatre is going to be built at the northern end of St. Augustine Park  (Read the Walton Sun Article here)  This will make th...
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By Sue Botelho, USDA Rural Housing Mortgage Pro
(Waterstone Mortgage Corporation)
UNITED STATES 30 August 2008 Florida beach town hosts world's first outdoor projection graffiti festival The characteristic white walls of the new town of Alys Beach in Florida will become a blank canvas for digital artists to create graffiti on Aug 1, and entries have come from around the world. Sometimes referred to as "photon bombing," "guerilla projection," "projection bombing" or "urban projection," underground artists around the globe have started using the latest technologies to project video art onto skyscrapers and other urban structures as a means of artistic expression. This is the first event that celebrates their art. See Full Article Here  
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