The Carpentras (Palmetto, FL)
By Linda Reynolds, Bradenton Real Estate
(Bradenton Real Estate - Linda Reynolds)
Tucked away off of 29th Street in Palmetto Florida is a little community called The Carpentras.  I came across it while showing homes to one of my buyers one day.  There are some unique qualities to this neighborhood I thought I would share with you.  My buyers decided they wanted to purchase a home in The Carpentras so we wrote a contract on the one they liked best.  As we are going through the process we get a call stating the buyers had to fill out an application and pay an application fee before we can close on the property.  Hmm, this is strange I think to myself, this isn't a condo or villa community, this is a single family home community.  Well I contact my buyer and we go through the application process.  We find out  a new rule has been passed that does not allow leasing of th...
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