North End (Palm Beach, FL)
By Steve Hall, Palm Beach Island
(Hall Real Estate)
A direct ocean-front home sold this month for $26.4 million on Palm Beach. 102 Canterbury LaneĀ is a 16,700 sq. ft. Bermuda style home, constructed in 1955 and is located on a 1.34 acre site. This sale was the largest Palm Beach MLS recorded house saleĀ over the past 2 years. If you would like more information on this sale, please contact me at 561-310-7229.
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The landmark committee of Palm Beach finally decided to designate the beautiful Post Office building located at 95 North County Road in Palm Beach the landmark designation. This building looks like something out of dream. It is absolutely stunning. Small for American standards but still functioning and serving Palm Beach residents just fine. Its interior tiled floor is very well preserved. Another address that was land-marked by the same committee is 236 Worth Avenue. This one though had only its facade land-marked since the rest of the building has been totally overhauled over the years.
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By George Tars
(PalmHomes LLC)
Beach erosion in Palm Beach Palm Beach is one of the most well known from the chain of the barrier islands, separating the Atlantic Ocean from Florida's mainland, for its wealth and history. Flagler himself established the island as the home of the rich and famous about 120 years ago. Palm Beach's challenge is the ongoing beach erosion that eats away its Atlantic coastal line. The island is located just SE from the Palm Beach inlet that connects the Intracoastal waterway with the Atlantic Ocean. The intracoastal water is a swallow body of water that spans from Miami all the way north to Canada and delimits the barrier reef islands from mainland USA. The Palm Beach inlet has a 50 years old sand transfer plant (located at Singer island) that shoots sand under the inlet and feeds the north...
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