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By Joyce Marsh, Joyce Marsh Luxury Homes & Interior Designer
(Joyce Marsh Real Estate LLC)
Before you put your Volusia County home on the market, you should definitely consider major "Decluttering"This is a major part of preparing your Home for the Market:Your home will show better and sell faster! You will be happier, Your family will be happier, and your Home will be happier!  Not to mention the charities and the recipients of your donated items...Donate, Declutter, RecycleWhy do we accumulate so much stuff in our lives?  How does this seem to happen?Every year I try to declutter, and clean out closets and rid my home of excess clutter, old magazines, clothing that is either too small, too big, or out of style, etc.The summer is a great time to take on this task.Once you make the decision to declutter, and rid yourself, your life, and your home of "stuff", why not DONATE yo...
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By Ron Wysocarski, CEO, Pricing Specialist
(Wyse Home Team Realty)
Some news from the Volusia Building Industry Association: As Chairman of The Green Building Council, I was invited to sit it on the 2010 VBIA planning meeting last week. This 5 hour session was devoted to helping the association, as well as those it serves, set the stage for a great 2010.   Like all associations, the VBIA has worked through some challenging economic realities in 2009. I am pleased to say that the leadership has taken a very proactive approach in their 2010 planning by addressing some very difficult, and at times, unpopular issues.   Some say that "as the building industry so goes, so goes the local economy". With the number of new jobs that can be created through Green Building, as well as job cutbacks being restored through increased housing starts, I look forward to b...
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