Gatlin Place (Orlando, FL)
By David Welch, Real Estate Optimist - #OrlandoRealEstate
(Charles Rutenberg Realty)
I am right in the boat with all my sellers. For tax purposes, it is in my interest to sell my former home this year. I currently have it on the market for sale, and you can check it out at I am offering to pay up to $10,000 in buyers costs, and have the home priced at $350,000. If you have someone looking for a good home in a great neighborhood, this is it. My wife and I are the original owners. We did some remodeling in 2001, replaced the dishwasher, roof and skylights in 2005 and replaced the refrigerator and A/C in 2007. I also have it up for rent at $1,800/mo. Thanks!
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