Buenaventura Lakes (Orlando, FL)
By Eve Alexander, Exclusively Representing ONLY Tampa Home Buyers
(Buyers Broker of Florida )
"NO Home sellers disclosures because seller never live there"...give me a break!! Since when does the home seller NOT KNOW what is wrong with the property??...if you really believe that just because a seller does not live there, they know nothing about the property, than you are gullible. Seriously...I have rental property and I have never lived there.  Yet I know which roof has leaked, when the septic was last serviced, if the a/c  has been causing problems, and even which toilet is loose. Things go wrong, tenants complain, and I PAY THE BILLS so I know exactly what is wrong with the property... as do all the sellers who try to side step a property disclosure by dancing around the truth.  The truth is that unless the seller inherited the house last week or the property is an REO, they ...
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