Spring Harbor (Delray Beach, FL)
By Inna Hardison, Wordpress for Real Estate & Design, Print HaMedia Group
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I am told to breathe in and out, slowly… To try to picture myself on a deserted island, windswept dunes singing softly under my toes, the waves lapping at the shore – anything at all to take my mind off of the finding a place to live fiasco that’s spread like a disease yet to be named into every pore of my body. The fiasco in reference is my struggle to situate my kiddo in an apartment within easy commuting distance from Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton. My baby is a proud freshman in FAU’s prestigious Ocean Engineering program. He lazed his way through high school, skipped a few classes and was on the verge of not even graduating, and then, as if by magic, pulled in decent enough grades and recommendations to get into the first (and only) school he applied to. The school is a ...
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