Deerwood (Daytona Beach, FL)
By Ron Wysocarski, CEO, Pricing Specialist
(Wyse Home Team Realty)
Loan modifications continue to be a source of relief as well as controversy. My previously stated opinion is that all loan mods are not created equal. If we have learned anything from the mortgage meltdown, it is readily apparent that everyone should read the fine print and ask questions before signing anything. There are many reputable people in the banking industry that will guide you through the process. The facts should be easily accessible. There have been a shockingly large number of defaults on recently modified loans. The cautionary tale is to be sure that the modification that is offered presents a viable long term solution, as opposed to only a few months of relief. Click here to read more about loan modifications. Seach Daytona Beach Homes
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Vacation Home for Sale............ Race Track Condo For Sale $129,800GO TO for Virtual Tour. Call Joy for all Area Home or Commercial Listings FEATURES OF 173 White Fawn Drive........Italian Tiled Floors Down and Laminate Up Stairs, newer ceramic top stove, hot water tank, Laundry with washer and dryer, screened & tiled porch, two and a half baths, community pool, walk to Daytona 500, Volusia Mall, Veterans Administration Clinic and Many Medical facilities including Halifax Hospital and Senior Citizen Facilities. Drive 3 to 5 minutes to Daytona International Airport. Drive East on Dunn Ave straight to Beach Side Main Street. Near I95 Interchange to Miami and Jacksonville.  Perfect Vacation Home......
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