Bimini Bay (Davenport, FL)
By Erica Muller
(The Flamingo Group )
Read The Full Story at: The Bimini Bay 11,000 Sq Ft Clubhouse was set to flames last month.  The Bimini Bay resort was not known for it's amenities, or lack thereof, and now the one good thing it had going for it has been burnt to smithereens.  The police suspect arson as the main cause of this fire and thankfully there were no injuries reported.  According to the Fire Marshall, the damages are totaling around $1,000,000.  I wouldn't hold your breathe on this being renovated anytime soon. Bimini Bay Foreclosures For Sale While we're on the topic of crime in Bimini Bay, earlier that week Bimini Bay served as the meeting place for four men planning a robbery.  Two unsuspecting men who were hanging out at the local Kissimmee Denny's wandered to a party at the Bimin...
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Read The Full Article HereSo many buyers are instantly drawn to the prices in the Bimini Bay townhouse community which is located in Davenport, FL.  They see the beautiful townhouses online and most wonder why they are so cheap! You know how the saying goes: If it seems too good to be true it probably is and this couldn't hold more true for Bimini Bay in Davenport. The Bimini Bay community was supposed to be a resort community that would stack up with the likes of resort neighborhoods like Regal Palms and Bahama Bay.  It was supposed to have a water park, day spa, gym facilities and many other cool toys but when the market turned many buyers started backing out of their contracts and just not buying all together, this brought construction to a very quick halt! Bimini Bay Bank Townhouses...
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