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By Matt Listro, Your Credit Repair Expert
(National Credit Fixers - Matt Listro)
As my faithful blog followers know, I am adamantly opposed to the HVCC Code of Conduct and I think it should be withdrawn.  The petition to change the HVCC is now up to 16,000 signatures.  You can view the petition here. I have heard some terrible stories about how this code is hurting the Real Estate market.  I personally know one loan officer who is writing every loan FHA in order to be able to still order their own appraisals.  That loan officer admitted to me in confidence that he/she (I'm not saying) should have done a conventional loan for this borrower but he/she (still not saying) didn't want to risk ordering the appraisal from an AMC so it was written FHA even though it would have been a little better payment for the borrower to get a conventional loan! I also know another loan...
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