Driving Park Historic District (Denver, CO)
By Karl Lueders, Realtor - Denver
(Realtor w/The Kentwood Company at Cherry Creek)
Since my last look into our neighborhood's sales performance (2007-2008), I was able to conclude that while the rest of the world seemed to be drowning in sorrow, Driving Park Historic District was decidedly middle-of-the-road sales wise. I'll take normal over recession any day of the week, but that's pretty where we've been for the past 6 months, and that's where we appear to be right now, even after a few distressed sales. Based on the latest sales data from Metrolist Inc., Denver, as a whole, has about 6 months worth of inventory currently for sale. What does 6 months of inventory actually involve? For example, within Driving Park Historic District, where I live, 17 homes sold in 2008. That comes out to 1.41 homes sold per month. Currently, we have 9 active listings in DPHD, which, d...
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