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America's Most Expensive Colleges and Universities! According to Forbes Magazine today college graduates today face a dismal job market and often carry with them thousands of dollars in student loan debt. And yet, the price tag for a year's worth of study at America's most expensive colleges is close to $60,000. Overall, tuition costs at private colleges are up 4.5% since last year. The referenced data and surveys published by a variety of sources, including the Chronicle of Higher Education (which uses figures collected by The College Board) and Campus Grotto. We then compiled cost information published by the schools themselves for the 2010-2011 school years. Our list reflects what freshmen entering any of these traditional, four-year colleges and universities can expect to be billed ...
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The 10 most expensive cities to buy a house! According to Market watch at the top of the list of most expensive markets is Newport Beach, the setting for many television shows, including "The O.C." and "Arrested Development," according to the Coldwell Banker news release. Five other California cities also made the list of the priciest markets. Below are the most expensive cities, and their average listing prices, according to the report: 1. Newport Beach, California $1.83 million  2. Palo Alto, California. $1.48 million  3. Rye, New. York. $1.33 million  4. San Francisco. $1.33 million  5. La Jolla, California. $1.21 million  6. Greenwich,  Connecticut. $1.20 million  7. Wellesley, Massachusetts. $1.08 million  8. Pasadena, California. $1.04 million  9. Honolulu Hawaii, $1.03 million 10...
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By Brian Petrelli, MBA, GRI
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I wanted to take a minute to introduce a new member of our team. Brandon Christian joined our company last month and we're thrilled to have him with us. Brandon specializes in Cherry Hills Village Homes and is dedicated to knowing the complexities of this luxury home market. Whether you're looking for a multi million dollar, high end home or Cherry Hills Village home under $1,000,000, Brandon can help you find it. Give Brandon a call today at 720-949-5525 or check out his Cherry Hills Village Homes Blog here.
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By Aaron Latimer
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By Brian Lee Burke, Broker & Advising Expert-Kenna Luxury Real Estate
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Denver's Luxury Home Market - Luxury Homes are still selling In light of the recent economic "bumps and bruises" I wanted to take a closer look at how sales in the Denver area luxury real estate market are doing today. Included in this report are luxury homes within the Denver Metro area (not included: Boulder, Longmont, Loveland, Evergreen etc. - outside Denver Metro Area). The homes are/were priced at one million or above and are detached single family residences. Currently There are 56 luxury homes Under Contract in the Denver area, ranging from one million to $4,600,000. (Around here you will hear escrow referred to as being under contract). Half of the 56 homes have been under contract for quite some time, some since March of 2008. This longer that usual time frame for being under ...
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