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The Universal Studios Hollywood Theme Park is located in the San Fernando Valley, California, just east of the Studio City neighborhoods of Laurel Grove, Tujunga Village, and Colfax Meadows. Universal Studios Hollywood Theme Park is one of the oldest and most famous Hollywood movie studios.  Known worldwide as "The Entertainment Capital of LA", its original purpose was to offer tours of the real soundstages and sets used in so many famous movies. You can actually go behind-the-scenes on the legendary Studio Tour to explore Hollywood’s most famous back lot, which  extends 13 city blocks on 4 acres, and is the world’s largest working movie studio. In addition to the studio tours, for those of you who are brave enough to do so, you will be able to partake of many unbelievable rides and at...
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  Prepare for a new level of terror at Universal Studios' Halloween Horror Nights where horror legends come to life.  Based on the most popular horror movies of all time, Universal Studios has added five new mazes to their night of terror:  A Nightmare on Elm Street Friday the 13th Saw:  featuring horrific new traps from the film series House of 1000 Corpses in 3D Zombievision Vampyre:  Castle of the Undead Make your way through scare zones and dare to survive the Terror Tram that's been hijacked by serial killer Charles Lee Ray trapped inside the body of the pint-sized Chucky doll.       Hurry and purchase your tickets in advance because if you think you're just going to show up at the gate, pay your $59 and get in - WRONG!!!  This event WILL sell out and when it does, tickets will NO...
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  Atlanta Injury Attorneys Gregory Stokes and Neil Kopitsky deal with many car accident cases from day to day. Recently they got their client a $464,000 settlement for a night-driving accident which occurred between a car and a sleepy truck driver who crossed into the other driver’s lane late at night.   The truth is, no matter how careful you drive, you cannot control other drivers’ behavior on the road. Atlanta accident lawyers Stokes & Kopitsky’s recent client suffered serious bone fractures resulting from the crash, and then sued the truck driver and the trucking company. They settled for $464,000 after Stokes & Kopitsky offered proof that their client did everything he could to avoid the crash.   Another serious Atlanta car accident can be avoided, by taking extra precautions durin...
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