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    Project Runway, former contestant and fashion designer, Nick Verreos, to come to Temecula to host special event. I was a fan of project runway, before it was popular and I love the show.  I'm thrilled that a piece of the show is coming to Temecula, and  think I will show up just to be a spectator and see what's going on at this event!!!     When:  September 17th at 1:00 p.m. at the Promenade Mall in Temecula the Promenade Temecula’s Project Style 2011. A former contestant from the hit show Project Runway, Nick Verreos, will host the event. Verreros also designs gowns for celebrities to make their way down the red carpet, the event spokesperson, Annette Brown, said in a recent announcement.         Jane Grant Broker of Record for Southwest Real Estate, Toll Free:    866-621-0155 FAC...
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Do Your Ads Make You Look Stupid? Funny Pic      I found this ad at the Wetzels Pretzels stand in the Promenade Mall in Temecula today (8 Aug. 2010).  Yeah, some might say, "You're criticizing it!  Why publicize them?!"  I figure, getting some buzz about your product for any reason (other than yucky stuff in food products) is a marketing success.       Well, I am not sure whether or not the Wetzels folks did this ad intentionally, because it is so obviously self-contradictory and, uh, stupid: . Did their ad people name the drink, "Strawberry Forever," and then their legal department added, "For a Limited Time," or what?  What part of "forever" do the Wetzels people not understand. So, whether they meant it or not, it's funny, and I hope you enjoy it.  A lesson for real estate agents?  W...
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