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I am currently in escrow with out-of-state Buyers. The property that they are purchasing is located in a newer, established neighborhood. The house is vacant but, has only been vacant a short while and if you visited this home you wouldn't suspect a thing. I have been to the house at least 4 or 5 times!Evidently, a mama racoon also decided that this was a good home for her to raise her 4 new babies! So, she moved on in!Aren't they sweet? I have always known that there are lots of racoons in the area but, this is my first experience since I have been in business.  Glad that Critter Getter saved the day. See note from his log:  Per Critter Getter, as of Sunday 3:28pm:  “I'll be out at the property tonight (Sunday 5 June) to do a manual "lockout" between approx. 9:00-11:00pm.  At that time...
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