Miraleste Pines (San Pedro, CA)
By Wendy Rich-Soto, Realtor/Broker Associate, Getting you to your next with a zero failure rate!
(Keller Williams Realty, LA Harbor )
San Pedro, CA Real Estate Condo & Townhome Sales For the Month of September 2013   There were 19 closed sales of condos & townhomes in San Pedro, CA in the month of September 2013. Prices ranged from $185,000 to $449,000.    As the market continues to be slim pickens for properties, many buyers have turned to condos and townhomes as options for purchases.  However, of the 19 closed sales in San Pedro, CA in September, NONE of them were purchased with FHA loans! This is bad news for so many buyers trying to enter the market and purchase their first home.  Many would think that buying a condo or townhome would be easier and less expensive.  Right now, it is quite the opposite. Of the 19 units that sold, financing was as follows; 14 purchased with conventional loans, 5 purchased with cash....
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