Palace Of Fine Arts Building (San Francisco, CA)
By Sam Miller, Knox County Ohio Real Estate Specialist
(RE/MAX Stars Realty)
San Francisco is filled with a gorgeous parks but one of my favorites is the Palace of Fine Arts.  This park has so much beautiful archtecture and is a photographers dream come true.  We did an extensive tour of sites while in San Francisco and had an opportunity to see some of the most amazing photo locations. Sam Miller Team of REMAX Stars Realty 740-397-7800 Knox County Ohio Real Estate
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Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz had the privledge of spending 2 full days in San Francisco California on Mother's Day weekend. I would have spent it with my mother but VB has not seen his biological mother since he was 8 years old and my stepmother (Rest her Soul) passed away in May of 2010. So all alone in SanFrancisco VB took hundreds of photographs and around one hour of video. Places of interest consist of the PALACE OF FINE ARTS Building in the photo (above), Chinatown, Oakland Bay Bridge, Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman's Warf, Haight Ashbury district and more so stay tuned next week for more photos & videos ... "Happy Mother's Day" Vegas Bob in Haight Ashbury San Francisco 2 hours ago – Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz was t...
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