Outer Broadway (San Francisco, CA)
By Peggy Hughes/pha logistix, inc., SF NYC LA
(pha logistix inc)
Millionaire's Billionaire's Row - San Francisco CA PHA's newest client lives on Broadway in San Francisco, CA... what's notable about this particular moving organizing project is the location.  Outer Broadway has a long history as millionaire's billionaire's row! PHA received the referral for this project from a past client.. over 75% of my business comes from client referrals. WOW... I truly am blessed! All of the packing, unpacking, utility transfers, change of address notifications etc. will all be done while the family is on vacation for three weeks in Italy & London. Upon their return, they will go straight to the rental where they will live for the next two years! While I am not able to share an address with you, the picture shows the charming brick lower staircase to the street (...
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