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Haight Ashbury, San Francisco, CA Community and Real Estate InformationThe Haight-Ashbury area is located west of San Francisco's Downtown District. The neighborhood is located to the east of Golden Gate Park, south of The Panhandle, and northwest of Buena Vista Park. With the installation of the Haight cable car line in 1883, the neighborhood grew from various farms and acres of dunes into an entertainment destination. Through continual gentrification, Haight-Ashbury evolved into an upper-middle-class area as San Francisco became more urbanized. During the 1960s, the neighborhood was also home to a strong hippie and activist culture. There was a lot of media attention in the area because of the significant music and cultural influences anchored in this community. The many music clubs, ...
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  Who remembers the Sixties? Haight Ashbury San Francisco by Robert Swetz     Here are some photos and video that I took several years ago while I was in San Francisco California.Haight Ashbury is such an amazing place and if you have never had the chance to visit Haight Asbury, put this place in your bucket list.  These are just several of the hundreds of photographs that Robert Swetz took while he was in San Francisco and stay tuned for more in the near future.     All photographs taken by Robert Swetz - All Rights Reserved 2014   Robert VEGAS BOB Swetz: Colorful "Haight Ashbury" in San ... videosbyvegasbob.blogspot.com/.../on-my-last-visit-to-san-francisco-i.ht...  May 23, 2012 - Colorful "Haight Ashbury" in San Francisco by Robert Swetz 5-2012 ... "Happy Mother's Day" Vegas Bob in H...
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That's right ... Robert Swetz had the privilege of hooking up with Bay Area Bob and Vegas Bob in one day ;o)  While Robert Swetz was meeting with Bay Area Bob, he had the honor of viewing some of his wonderful photographs.  While viewing some of these areas around the Bay Area, can anyone please tell me where these photos were taken?  Not only did Robert Swetz have the honor of viewing photos from around the Bay Area, Mr Swetz also had the privilege of viewing photos that Vegas Bob has taken in Las Vegas Nevada.  And after viewing some of these photos from Las Vegas, can anyone please tell me where these photos were taken?  Or can anyone tell me what the object is in the photos that Vegas Bob has taken in Las Vegas?  And just a heads-up for all the readers and viewers of this post ... R...
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Wednesday, May 23, 2012 Colorful "Haight Ashbury" in San Francisco by Robert Swetz 5-2012   On my last visit to San Francisco I went over to The Haight Ashbury district in San Francisco California. I took hundreds of photographs and around 30 minutes of video footage. I spent around 3 hours walking the streets of The Haight Ashbury district, it was very interesting. "Happy Mother's Day" Vegas Bob in Haight Ashbury San Francisco   activerain.com/.../-happy-mother-s-day-vegas-bob-in-haight-ashbury... May 13, 2012 – It was quite exciting and along with some video footage Robert Swetztook around 400 great photographs of the Haight Ashbury district. "Good Night" from the PALACE OF FINE ARTS Building in San ...   activerain.com/.../-good-night-from-the-palace-of-fine-arts-building-... May 13...
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Sunday, May 13, 2012 Vegas Bob steps into the 60s at Land of the Sun 1715 Haight St. San Fransico   Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz was taking videos on Mother's Day in Haight Ashbury in San Francisco California 5-13-2012. It was quite exciting and along with some video footage Robert Swetz took around 400 great photographs of the Haight Ashbury district. As Robert was walking by one of the stores on Haight Street a gentleman named (Jerry) standing in the doorway of Land of the Sun asked Vegas Bob if he would like to step back into the 60s. Well VB said well ... "Sure" And after stepping into Land of the Sun VB was very impressed and shot this very fun video ... "Thanks Jerry for allowing Vegas Bob to take this video and load it into the World Wide Web ;o) Land of the Sun - Haight-Ashbury - S...
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When Katie and I first started looking for her first place, she made it clear that she wanted one of San Francisco's classic vintage homes. Her price range was entry-level, though and finding just that right 'jewel box' condo proved to be a challenge. We watched ones come and go that were either just a little too expensive, or on really sketchy blocks, or in buildings that had so much deferred maintenance that you just knew they were going to be money pits.        Another important criteria for Katie was the weather. The location had to be sunny-- really sunny! Even the Haight Ashbury was too close to the fog line. So I was surprised when she said 23A Delmar was 'the one.' I asked her why she liked it in spite of the weather and she said it was the fireplace that sold her-- foggy nights...
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