Forest Hill (San Francisco, CA)
About Forest Hill (San Francisco, CA)
Carved out of Sutro Forest this delightful neighborhood is close to everything. It even has it's own MUNI stop known as 'Forest Hill Station' in the middle of the tunnel between the Castro and West Portal.
By Michael Ackerman, CRS, Top Producer, 24+ Years Experience!
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Famed Forest Hill Home Open Sunday 9/19 2 - 4 pm, 9/21 Tuesday 1 - 2:30, 9/23 Thursday 5 - 7:30 In 1954, Alfred and Mabel Salter (parents of Lucille Packard) commissioned the design a home for their family in what is now Forest Hill. Salter was a self-employed photo engraver, and Mabel kept his books for him while working as an attorney's secretary and dabbling, rather successfully, in investments. The design is attributed to Henry Hill, who was then an up-and-coming architect, making a name for himself with his unique style of architecture combining European modernism and the rustic landscape of Northern California to create what is now known as the Second Bay Tradition. His award-winning style was described by the San Francisco Chronicle as "flamboyant modernism." The property at 29 M...
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By Abraham Valentino, Founder CEO SOLARIT®, iMetros, Nummus®
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By Luba Muzichenko, Realtor - San Francisco
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OK... so maybe it isn't an invasion, maybe they were invited. And maybe they're not all over San Francisco, but confined to a hillside that's part of the Laguna Honda Hospital Campus in San Francisco's Forest Hill neighborhood. But when I drove down Laguna Honda Boulevard today, I nearly broke my neck when I caught a glimpse of the goats grazing on the hillside! The goats didn't run away from home to party in the City, but were brought in from Sycamore Farms of Monterey County to gobble up some the hazardous grass on the hillside that might, under the right circumstances, end up as fire hazard. Apparently, this is the third year in row that the goats have visited Laguna Honda, but just the first year that I wasn't too oblivious to notice that they were there. They'll be staying through ...
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