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By Gregory "NNN" Garver, (323) 696 1031, Net Lease Broker
(NNN Brokers USA Commercial Real Estate)   Eater Tastings: Nectarinegate Solved, Four Barrel Opened August 26th, 2008 Welcome to the week that was at our brother blog, Eater SF. 1) Nectarinegate: 1 plate. 1 nectarine. 8 dollars. And so we have Nectarainegate, Zuni's great, big "fuck you" to San Francisco dining. Aaaand we have the back pedal: Resto says $4.50, not $8. Well then.2) Chez Papa bread drop: special delivery, or corporal work of mercy?3) North Beach is under the watchful eye of the ADA; two restos in particular, XOX Truffles and North Beach Sushi, are getting the hustle over handicapped access issues. (Viva the ramp!) In a twist of irony we've come to expect from the ‘ole NB, neither restaurant is allowed to solve its problem because zoning laws won't allow them to touch the sidewalk. *S...
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