Lakeside (San Diego, CA)
By Cody Haworth, Carlsbad Homes for Sale
(Four Seasons Properties)
Hello and Welcome to ~Lakeside~ San Diego California Foreclosures, Bank Owned REO, Homes for Sale, Real Estate.   Understanding the foreclosure property auction (also known as Trustee Sale) process takes time, due diligence, and understanding.  Saavy Real Estate investors can find some of the best deals around buying at these auctions, but is it right for everyone?   We would like to help explain further about these auctions and the benefits and downsides of buying Real Estate at them. Understanding the process is the key, and here is how the process goes as an overview: Pre-Foreclosure (Also known as Notice of Default).  Pre-Foreclosure is usually when the current homeowner is 90 days past due on their Mortgage.  The current lender files with the County Recorders office a Notice of Def...
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