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By Elizabeth Weintraub Sacramento Broker, Put 40 years of experience to work for you
(Elizabeth Anne Weintraub, Broker)
Before yesterday, I had never visited the Salton Sea in southern California, although I felt like I knew much about it. My late husband used to talk about the Salton Sea. Apparently he knew people who had bought homes in the desert under the high pressure sales that happened in the 1950s and 1960s in the area. He deemed it the worst real estate investment ever.He was not an environmentalist nor did he much care for environmental issues and I shudder to think what he would have thought about climate change. Well he probably would have found a way to monetize it, LOL.We were pretty much opposites.I tend to lean more toward supporting environmental issues than most people. You can read more about the sad fate of the Salton Sea in my personal blog today at this link: A Visit to the Salton Sea.
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By Kathy Schowe, La Quinta, California 760-333-8886
(California Lifestyle Realty)
The Salton Sea is an interesting place and less than 40 minutes from our front door.  I accidentally stumbled across this video about the Salton Sea and I was moved to share it here.  If you are intrigued by ghost towns, or the apocolypse, or what life would be like here when we are gone... then this is for you.  If you wondered about the Salton Sea... and what it's all about-- check out the video-- I found it fascinating!
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By Todd & Devona Garrigus, Broker / REALTORS®
(Garrigus Real Estate)
The Slow Death of the Salton Sea - Its a Southern California Problem!!!!We often drive out to Yuma, Arizona at least once a month for some fun and recreation. Along the way we travel south on the 86 through Imperial Valley. Every time we do, we are intrigued by the sight, stories, and quite honestly, the smell of the Salton Sea. This past weekend on our way back from Yuma, we had some time to stop and check out the beaches of the Salton Sea.  It was a depressing detour. The streets and homes were extremely run-down. The beach parking area was neglected, with smashed and broken concrete and half-dead palm trees. But what struck us the most was the beach and sea itself. When we walked up to the beach we commented how white the sand was, assuming it was the sodium buildup. But it was inste...
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By Sue Margiotta
(Power Brokers International)
Where There's Algae, There's Fuel Scientists have recently made breakthroughs in the feasibility ofcreating biofuel from algae. What follows is one of a number ofarticles on the subject that exist out there. Do we know a place thatproduces tons of algae? Let's put on our thinking caps... Source: The Seattle TimesAn Arizona energy company is betting big on algae. PetroSun Biofuelshas opened a commercial algae-to-biofuels farm on the Texas Gulf Coastnear scenic Harlingen Texas. The farm is a 1,100 acre network ofsaltwater ponds, 20 acres of which will be dedicated to researchingand developing an environmental jet fuel. PetroSun's game plan is toextract algal oil on-site at the farms and transport it to companybideisel refineries via barge, rail or...
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By Elaine Stewart, RE/MAX Desert Properties
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The Salton Sea is the home to over 4 hundred of species of birds that live in the sea or visit this massive wetlands area. It is also home to over 200 million fish with species such as the tilapia, orange mouth corvina and sargo. The fish do well in the sea due to large amounts of nutrients which worms thrive on, and we all know, fish love worms. It was actually created by flooding in 1905 which caused the Colorado River to flow freely into the Salton Basin for over a year and a half.  The Salton Sea is located in the southeastern corner of California. Technically it's a lake and covers an area of 376 square miles, making it the largest lake in California. Depths can reach up to 50 feet. Tragically the fish die off in the millions each year due to decomposition of algae blooms that dim...
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By Frederic A. Din, Imperial Valley REALTOR®
(AXIA Real Estate Group Inc 760-235-4885)
The Salton Sea Communities are comprised primarily of Bombay Beach, West Shores, Salton City, Salton Sea Beach, and Vista Del Mar.  View Larger Map   (Thank you to the West Shores Chamber of Commerce for providing this important information) Community The Salton Sea Communities offers a rich heritage of recreation, resort living, community services and public events along with residential, retail, and commercial growth. A brief History of the Salton Sea (you can read the entire history by visiting The Salton Sea was so named in 1905, but its history begins in the Salton Basin of ancient times - a time removed some 10,000 years. The present-day Salton Sea is a body of water that currently occupies the Salton Basin, but it is certainly not the...
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