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By Regina P. Brown, M.B.A., Broker, Instructor
(MBA Broker Consultants)
What determines your interest rate on a home loan? Your credit score! When you apply for a loan, the lender runs your credit report and receives your payment history summarized as a number, called a FICO score. Each of the 3 major credit bureaus rate you according to your FICO score, between 300 to 850. The higher your FICO score, the better your loan terms (such as lower interest rate). The FICO score is comprised of: Payment history (35%) Amounts owed (30%) Length of credit history (15%) New credit (10%) Type of credit in use (10%) Your credit score depends on many factors, such as: number of credit accounts, dollar amounts of debts, total amount of debt, record of on-time payments, credit inquiries, account charge-offs, and public records such as judgments and bankruptcies. Before yo...
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By Tom Bashe
(SCA Real Estate - Call Now)
Lloyd Cullen Real Estate is a local Potrero Short Sale Realtor. As a Potrero Short Sale Company that specializes in short sales, you are assured the highest standard of professionalism and can always count on our Potrero Short Sale Realtor to help answer any questions you have in regards to Potrero Short Sales. Potrero Short Sale Realtor Lloyd Cullen is a local Potrero Short Sale Expert with experienced Potrero Short Sale Agents here to assist you.   Potrero Short Sale Realtor We specialize in Short Sales for Potrero and Surrounding Areas The Potrero short sale process can be a full time job for the novice agent. Our trained professionals at Lloyd Cullen Real Estate are here to help you put together your Potrero short sale package, lead you through the submission nightmare, and work wit...
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