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By Todd & Devona Garrigus, Broker / REALTORS®
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NORCO CALIFORNIA LISTING AGENTS – SELL MY HOUSE IN NORCO CA So you’ve decided to sell your house in Norco California. There are many factors to consider when entering into such a transaction. First, in tumultuous times like these, you must first determine what type of sale you will need. Are you selling a Norco property with equity? In another words, do you owe less than what the property is worth? If so you will be conducting a standard Norco real estate sale. This type of sale obviously is the best scenario because you should come out of the deal with a margin between the sales price and any money owed on the Norco CA home, minus the cost of sale. Do you owe more on your Norco House than it’s worth? Like many Americans, the real estate market has put severe strains on the dream of ho...
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By Devona Garrigus, REALTOR® / Short Sale Specialist
(Garrigus Real Estate)
  STOP FORECLOSURE IN NORCO CA Just spend five minutes talking to us on the phone and you'll find out how we can help you avoid foreclosure in Norco CA. We will evaluate your situation and supply immediate short sale options. We work directly with your lender(s) on your behalf to stop foreclosure and pursue a short sale, FREE! Our real estate services cost you nothing. The bank(s) pay us from the proceeds of the sale. No Short Cuts, Just Results We have the experience to stop foreclosures. In fact, we’ve negotiated dozens of short sales successfully, helping our clients get out of bad situations and get their financial lives back on track. We have relationships with lenders and banks that enable us to find solutions where other short sale negotiators cannot. We can help you: Stop Forecl...
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