Miramonte Avenue (Mountain View, CA)
By David Blockhus, Los Altos Realtor and Silicon Valley Real Estate Pro
(Coldwell Banker - Downtown Los Altos Office)
As we all rush out to get those last minute gifts for family and friends (only 5 more shopping days until Christmas!), lets take one last look at the year end sales figures for one of my favorite areas of Mountain View - Area 209.  Not to be confused with Area 51 in the Nevada Desert (see photo to the right), Area 209 (as it is defined by our local multiple listing service) is a series of smaller neighborhoods located west of El Camino Real in Mountain View (see map below).  Area 209 consists of tracts with names like Blackfield, Cuesta Park, Varsity Park, the Todd/Gilmore area, and the Trees (unofficially named that way because the streets are named after trees).  Lots average about 6500 sf and homes average about 1400 sf.  There are several streets where both the homes and the lots ar...
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