North Hollywood (Los Angeles, CA)
By Elena Lobito, Realtor
  I have been in the same short sale transaction for the last 7 months.  My wonderful clients have been  most patient and understanding but now are reaching the end of the proverbial rope!    About a week ago my client sent me the 13 Stages of a Short Sale and asked me what stage of the short sale transaction did I think we have reached.  I was surprised that such a list existed but then learned from my client that she loves to read blogs and that is how she found this time-line for BofA Short Sales.... thought I'd share it here.  It might make good material for a stand up Realtor comic. Posted by a blogger who goes by "Long Sale" - here's the "unedited" list and why it's taking 7 months of waiting for an approval from the bank..... 1. Stage 1 – offer given on the property which the sel...
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