Mount Olympus (Los Angeles, CA)
By Michael Jacobs, Pasadena And Southern California 818.516.4393
 Fool Me Once...  Fool Me Once...The day started off fine.   Bright.  Sunny.  A nice and sunny Southern California day was anticipated. No foolishnesss in sight.  At least I thought so.  But it happened and as usual by surprise. But not really.  Not in hindsight. Additional thought made me realize these things occur.  Nobody's fault.  Not even my own.   I could easily find fault but why?  What's the purpose?   Move on.  Stay aware.  Don't fall into traps either real or imagined.  I may not have handled it appropriately.  Walking away.  Walking off.  But the situation worked for me. At that time. For that reason.  Issue over.   Time to move on.  Move forward.   And as far as April Fool's Day, 2019.  Also over.  Moving on.  Gladly. The image in this post has been purchased through canstoc...
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