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By Robert J. Russell, IRES, ICREA, REBS, GMA, LAS, LUTCF
(Robert J Russell Companies)
FINALLY!! A website for people in the Real Estate Business where you can save money on: * health insurance - no waiting period on pre-existing conditions NEW Rx Prescription Drug Card that is FREE to Realtors, Loan Officers and anyone in the Real Estate community. AND.... $5 CO-Pay for dental! (yes - you need to get your teeth cleaned!) Click here: http://realestateinsuranceplans.com/
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Doing some in-depth research before getting started in home staging in Los Angeles is step one for any newbie. But how do you get your big toe in the door and avoid having your enquiries be perceived like future competition? Building rapport with graciousness, sincerity and gratitude are the keys to getting started and forging on-going professional relationships. Follow these simple rapport building tips and you're on your way to creating a vital support group as you embark on this new adventure of Home Staging! Be upfront and honest, first and foremost, by simply and sincerely explaining that you're just getting started in your area and are interested in learning more about the business of Home Staging. By doing this you'll be received with enthusiasm and generosity. In fact, even thou...
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