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You are folding your laundry and notice holes in your T-Shirts that were not there before!  New clothes are ripped, sweaters are snagged and there are holes in your underwear!  Or worse yet, clothes have a smoky smell when they should be clean.  What is going on?   The smoky smell is easy to explain.  You probably had a small lint fire inside the cabinet of your dryer.  If this is the case, you're very lucky it was a small fire.  This is rare; most people who have fire caused by lint build-up experience more than just a small fire.  Even though the lint filter catches most of the lint, some escapes to the cabinet and dryer ducts that lead to the vent outside.  Lint is flammable and when it builds up it restricts air flow, causing overheating and eventually a fire.    This is not somethi...
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