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By Captain Wayne - Rowlett Real Estate School, Rowlett Real Estate School / Owner and Instructor
(Rowlett Real Estate School)
Written by veteran real estate professional and trainer Minnie Lush, California Real Estate Exam Guide is a must have text that helps students conquer exam anxieties with multiple learning tools and thorough coverage of California exam topics. It is designed to be used as a study aid for students who are taking or have taken a principles course. Table of Contents: Instructions to the Reader Tips for Successful Test Taking Hot Notes Real Estate Mathematics Practice Examination I with Answer Key Practice Examination II with Answer Key Practice Examination III with Answer Key Practice Examination IV with Answer Key Practice Examination V with Answer Key Practice Examination VI with Answer Key Practice Examination VII with Answer Key Practice Examination VIII with Answer Key Practice Examin...
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By Mike Young, FHA 203k Consultant 916-758-1809
(203kOnLine.com, covering the USA)
Our new book is out. Hope you enjoy it. This written as a borrowers guide to the 203k but the information is something every real estate professional should have at their disposal. It dispels the myths and show you how you can close loans so much faster using the team approach. You should be a team player.Anyone thinking of purchasing RE this year needs to know about the 203k process or procedure. What is the sequence of events we can expect? How to close a 203k in six simple steps. Close your loans with our team in less than 30 days in many cases. This year we have seen them close in 17-22 days and many under 30 days. Our team will tell you to set them up for a 45 day close then dazzle you with their ability to close much faster. You need to know how to process a 203k so, when the time...
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By Sheron Cardin, ARTIST - A Home Stager/Sellers Best Friend!
(California Moods Inc)
As an interior designer and home staging consultant, pets conjure up a big red flag and a potential mine field for me. In the past it was my job to rid any evidence of the household critters from existence during open houses and showings...and removed entirely for a time. Are pet owners afraid to invite us into their homes because they know what we will say: "GET RID OF TOR LOVED ONES...NOW!"Some of you may already know about my change of heart (heart life actually) recently because of , and either the world has changed and filled up with dog and cat lovers or that is all I see these days. Either way...it is a animal lovers paradise that I now dwell in. So finding the Pet Friendly Real Estate Organization is not surprising to me. Have we been taking the LOVE out of the home unknowingly?...
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