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By Regina P. Brown, M.B.A., Broker, Instructor
(MBA Broker Consultants)
I received an email with this title today, and it made me nervous!  Did someone post a bad review about our company in yelp?  Was it "Ms. Mudslinger" from a linkedin group who is coming back to haunt us?  We always provide excellent service, so what could it possibly be? Then I read the email contents: COMPROMISING Information Posted About You Online If these damaging events are true it could hurt your personal reputation. Information last updated Thursday - 3:30pm. View your file id#6551679565937872543 If this stays up ANY longer, close friends, your loving family, and even individuals you work beside WILL see this unfavorable info. Don't let this happen.   Time Is Not On Your Side: Do Something About It   Even though I figured out that this was a spam message, it really made me start ...
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Most people have their furnaces cleaned regularly because they are concerned for the safety of their family; sadly, few think of their clothes dryer as a safety threat   Fresno, CA - Jon Perry, owner of Dryer Vent Wizard of Central California was recently interviewed.  He expressed his feelings after a recent clothes dryer fire was reported.  "Thankfully no one was injured." said Jon, "Sadly; the home was completely destroyed so the family lost everything.  This could have easily been prevented with a good dryer vent cleaning.  Most people do not realize that their clothes dryer is more likely to start a fire than any other appliance in their home."   When asked how so much lint could get into the dryer ducts, Jon explained, "Only about 60 percent of the lint that is removed from laundr...
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Proper Dryer Vent Material   For many years the choice of material for clothes dryer venting was flexible plastic or vinyl, which is also commonly used for bathroom exhaust fans.  This type of material is a problem because heat causes it to become brittle and deteriorate.  Imagine the problems this can cause if you have a very long dryer duct running across the attic, basement ceiling, or inside walls.  As flammable lint builds up and reduces air flow, the vent tube will overheat and eventually cause a serious fire.    Most building codes prohibit the use of plastic dryer duct material today.  Dryer ducts made of plastic or vinyl should be replaced with semi-rigid metal, flexible layered aluminum or expandable aluminum ducting.  Dryer vent cleaning and repair experts also recommend the ...
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