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By Mike Young, FHA 203k Consultant 916-758-1809
(, covering the USA)
How many times have we heard that? About  every week someone tells us that and it is likely the worst thing you can do or for sure one of the worst things you can do. Why? There are no guarantees in life, and I don't want you to become a slave to your house. Get it fixed up like you want to live in it. Yahoo, then enjoy the heck out of your new home. Take the weekends off and have fun. Invite your friends over for a BBQ, swimming party, or just to play cards. So many times I see people that put so little into the home for fear of the mortgage payment... a real concern for sure, but not the only concern.  I don't want to hear that you came up short of funds for the repairs due to something discovered during the course of construction that was more than your contingency reserve. It happen...
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By Eddy Martinez
(Nationwide Funding Group)
It is current a buyers market prices in homes for sale have dipped a bit. Due to this i have come across alot of new home loans. For the most part people require 100 percent financing. With this the customer can be qualified for two mortgages 80 % first and 20 % second in order to avoid paying PMI ( i will explain this in a later blog). Sometimes loans can be done at 100 percent with just one loan but special criteria need to met and usually the rate is a little higher. Its really up to what the customer can afford. When they buy and sell property , there are certain expenses that are charged to each party. This is where the principle of proration comes into effect. It is escrows job to credit and debit the buyer and seller CORRECTLY as of the closing date of escrow. Proration is best d...
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