Carmichael Colony (Carmichael, CA)
By Elizabeth Weintraub Sacramento Broker, Put 40 years of experience to work for you
(Elizabeth Anne Weintraub, Broker)
 When I speak with sellers about maximizing their profit potential when home selling, I am serious about the maximum profit potential. So analytical about it. Because I feel as though it is my job to get my sellers the highest price possible. To do anything less, to me, is not providing full service.  Every so often I run across a seller who doesn't care one way or the other about extra proceeds, but not very often. Most sellers want every bit of equity they can obtain. Usually I'm within a reasonable range or so of other agent's estimates, but not on this particular home in Carmichael.  All three of the other agents were $100,000+ low. My sellers kept asking me why. This wasn't supposed to happen, they said. I don't know, honestly. I just know I was right. You can read more in my perso...
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