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By Hella M. Rothwell, Broker/Realtor®, Rothwell Realty Inc. CA#01968433 Carmel-by-the-Sea
Carmel Valley is just inland of Carmel-by-the-Sea and Big Sur. Drive 13 miles up Carmel Valley Road and you will find the Village that is the getaway for those of us who want to escape the coastal area.Sounds kind of dumb when I write it, but who wants to get away from the ocean under normal circumstances? Well, we all need to go to some other place on weekend to escape from our daily lives.And Carmel Valley Village is that place. On weekends it humms with local residents who mix with visitors in charming outdoor restaurants, in its many wine tasting rooms opened by Monterey vineyards, and cute little boutiques and art galleries.Carmel Valley is still the laid back community that Joan Baez and her friends loved back in the day, and Doris Day and Betty White still reside in today.For tho...
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By Hella M. Rothwell, Broker/Realtor®, Rothwell Realty Inc. CA#01968433 Carmel-by-the-Sea
This past weekend, I spent both Saturday and Sunday walking all over Carmel Valley Village. On Saturday, I went from one end of the village to the other, checking out what businesses had opened or closed during the past few months. As you can imagine, there were some changes but not as many as one might think. In fact, there are some super additions  when shopping like the RED PEAR and K&CO, THE SHOP AROUND THE CORNER. Lots of great items for the home.With restaurants, ROUX is my current favorite, had a meal there both Saturday and Sunday. Excellent choices for a smaller eater like myself. GEORIS moved across the street in a much better and larger location. Both are on Pilot street. Both places are great to hang out in their courtyard.Wine tasting, of course, is excellent all over Carme...
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By Hella M. Rothwell, Broker/Realtor®, Rothwell Realty Inc. CA#01968433 Carmel-by-the-Sea
Yesterday, I spent the whole afternoon walking around Carmel Valley Village here in Monterey County. It's a 13 mile trip up Carmel Valley Road from the ocean. To the west is Carmel-by-the-Sea where my office is, and to the south is the fabulous Big Sur Coastline.Because I have a website called that is so popular with both residents and visitors, I decided it was time to update it with new and more information.One thing I'm adding is MAPS. I had a gentleman call me who is coming to the area and he wanted to know about shopping. Although I have a bunch of photos on the "shopping" page, it doesn't tell you anything specific so that needs to be changed. Even "services", where are gas stations, the post office, business services, etc. And, of course, things cha...
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By Hella Mitschke Rothwell, Hawaii & California Real Estate Broker
((831) 626-4000)
Wineries who used to have wine tasting rooms at their vineyards throughout Monterey County, now have opened up tasting rooms in Carmel-by-the-Sea and Carmel Valley. Today, I spent the afternoon at the 18 tasting rooms located in Carmel Valley Village, California. Yes, I parked my car and walked all of them, although I did not stop and sip wine at each. But it was fun to see the layouts, some have art displayed on their walls, many have gardens to sit and enjoy. For a map of the tasting rooms, please click on In fact, when you look at that map, the "East End Wine Row" of 7 tasting rooms at the east end of Carmel Valley Village will be holding their SPRING CELEBRATION tomorrow, Sunday, April 28th between 1-5PM during which you can enjoy small ...
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By Eileen Begley, Monterey Real Estate
(Coldwell Banker, DelMonte)
Carmel Valley Community Youth Center located at 35 Ford Rd., Carmel Valley, Ca. 93924 The community center is owned and operated by the local community, and is in Carmel Valley Village. They have a great pool. Membership is open to everyone. You can get either a family or single membership. This community center is one in the true sense of the word. The pool was built, funded and is run by the community. There are many local sponsors that help support the center.In case you didn't know, Carmel Valley is where the sun shines most of the time! So great pool for swimming. the pool is open daily during the summer. You can go to their website - Carmel Valley Community Youth Center More information about the Carmel Areacopyright 2008 Eileen Begley  all rights reserved
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