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Anyone who knows Cynthia P. will tell you that she is a hard worker and a giver.  Over the years I have seen her progress explode with her SOC business.  Why?  She is transparent; she is inspiring; she is colorful.  She is not worried about what the ducks might say; she embraces what the Eagles are saying.Recently, she placed her Flag in the ground with a Bold, Hairy, Audacious, Goal of cracking a milestone. Cynthia not only hit it SHE surpassed it by an epic proportion!  Why again did this happen?  She listened to the Eagles of support rather than the Ducks of disparage.http://www.facebook.com/groups/190840491019617/ feel free to join our great Facebook group to learn more.Yesterday I had the pleasure of being an Eagle amongst 8000+ Eagles.  I, however, was a different Eagle than usual...
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By Daniel Seider
(BTRE Big Trees Real Estate)
Avery Ca Vacation and Cabin RentalsFor a list of Avery Cabins and Vacation rentals available in Avery California, Click HereFor Free Access to Search the MLS Like a Realtor Click Here   Big Trees Realty would like fullfill your dreams of having the special getaway in the Mountains or just a wonderful vacation in the Sierra Nevada Mountains that the Bear Valley, Arnold Area provides. We will welcome you to a friendly, small town atmosphere that are small towns of Arnold, Dorrigton, Murphys, and Angels Camp brings in the beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountains . We are knowledgeable Real Estate Brokers who know how to get the job done, get a good deal and are responsive to all your real estate needs. Providing you prompt service, personal guidance and professional competence. with a guarantee. ...
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By Richard Perkins
 I can't believe the amount of people who come into this area and don't venture off the main hwy 4. You must get off the hwy to see some of the wounder areas Calaveras has to offer. One area your family might want to explore is the road going from Avery to sheep ranch. The road is one lane about half the way, but offers some great views of the eastern sierra's and the rim rocks area of Mountain Ranch. The views are incredible, and the road drops from about 3700' to about 850' in about 9 miles or so. You can continue through Mountain Ranch and get back to San Andreas. You do need a map so you won't get lost.Be careful on the road and take it slow. Pick up a map or call me and I will send you one and please don't forget to bring the camera you will need it. Breather taking views - take a ...
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