Las Barrancas (Yuma, AZ)
By Todd & Devona Garrigus, Broker / REALTORS®
(Garrigus Real Estate)
I love the business of real estate. The picture below is of a new community entrace sign that highlights (at least for me) the differences in real estate by market and area. I'm a Beaumont real estate agent that lives and works in Southern California, but I visit and vacation frequently in the Yuma, Arizona area, specifically the Foothills part of Yuma, which has a lot of sprawling desert and hills, canals, etc.. Its a great place if you like riding in the dirt and sand but don't necessarily want to go camping. Near our vacation house there's a new community that has started construction again. I say again because before the housing crash in 2008 the developers had laid the foundations of the community: infrastructure, streets, brick walls, everything except for the actual houses. This ...
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