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By Cara Marcelle Mancuso, Call a Marana neighbor, I'm THERE!
(Golden Girls with SW Desert Homes)
Tucson's Mt. Lemmon in Winter 2014 With Tucson's dreamy weather this past week, it's hard to comprehend the frigid, snow-laden, chill-inducing weather going on in other parts of the country.  My sympathies to all of you! Yesterday was my husband's birthday, and since it was in the 70's, we thought a picnic and hike up Mt. Lemmon might be really fun. Mt. Lemmon is a fascinating place in winter months.  It really is true that on certain days,  you can be skiing at the summit, and then come down to swim in your Tucson-area pool later that afternoon. Yesterday was no exception.  Here's our lovely picnic grounds.  Who would know we are 30 minutes from Tucson, AZ??    Leaving Tucson, the temps were 76 degrees, and we watched the thermometer drop as we gained elevation.  Our picnic spot was at...
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By Greg McCown
(Century 21 1st American)
Light Trails on Mount Lemmon   Light Trails can be some of the most fun things to photograph.  On a recent trip up to Mount Lemmon, located in the Catalina Mountains on the north side of Tucson, I decided to pull over and take some pictures of some Light Trails with the Tucson city lights in the distance.  The sun had just set so there was still just a touch of color in the sky.   Mount Lemmon is a common getaway for Tucsonans.  A forty-five minute drive in the summer time can take one from 100 degree weather and 2500 foot elevation to 70 degree weather and almost 9000 foot elevation.  Cactus and scrub brush give way to grass lands mixed with scrub oak which then gives way to a pine forest.  The small town of Summerhaven sits near the top of Mount Lemmon next to a small ski resort.  Th...
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By Mike Jones, Mike Jones NMLS 223495
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Sunday, June 27, 2010 ~  Family on the east coast called to say how bad they felt for us here in Tucson.  The National Weather Service showed that the high today was 106 degrees!  Just imagine how hot that is! Actually, this afternoon found us driving up the Catalina Highway into the Santa Catalina Mountains.  Destination?  Mt. Lemmon ~ just 20-some miles away.  We had plans for a picnic supper high in the Sky Island that borders us to the north of town. The temperature at our picnic table was a cool 68 degrees at elevation 8,300.  Tucson was far below us.  In the car on the way home, my Darlin' put the heat on just a little to take off the chill. _________________________   (This photo is not copyrighted.  Please feel free to right click and use as you wish.) I'm Mike in Tucson, your ...
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