Hayhook Ranch (Tucson, AZ)
By Kent Simpson, Real Estate Is About People
(Realty One Group Mountain Desert)
"Saguaro Gone By" After seeing some of the responses to a photo I posted of a cabinet door using saguaro ribs as a decorative insert, I thought I should look through my photo files to show everyone what a saguaro cactus looks like when it has passed on.  These incredible succulents live 150-175 years, and are mostly made up of water. When saguaros die, they leave quite an impressive skeleton behind--after all, these things weigh TONS when alive.  Many times, the skeletons fall to the ground after a strong wind, but this one has not (probably due to the rebar someone used to anchor it that isn't visible here).  I found this one in the Hayhook Ranch area, west of Tucson close to 3 Points--just off of the road to Arivaca.  There are some nice acreages available out in this area. Still sta...
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