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By Jerry Hill
(Hill Realty)
John and Marge Smith just bought a new country home, just outside the city limits. After about of week of unpacking and re-storing the household to normal, John decided to crank up the old lawnmower and tackle the young “hayfield” that had started growing in the back yard. After about 30 minutes of mowing, John came running into the kitchen, all excited and out of breath, “Marge, Marge, we’re rich, we’re rich. Marge, thinking John had maybe gotten a little too much sun or had started on the “Bud Lites” a little bit early, asked John, “what in the world are you talking about?” We’ve got oil bubbling up in the back yard, we’re rich! You know, Black Gold, Texas T! Well, unfortunately that bubbling crude was not “Black Gold or Texas T”, it was sewage from the Smiths septic system. The Smith...
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 It was a great start to the year for 2007 in Bryant. I pulled this data from the record of closed transactions for the month of January for the last three years. Remember one very important fact. 2005 WAS THE BEST YEAR IN ARKANSAS REAL ESTATE, EVER. As you can see, only only one less home in Bryant closed than in 2005, and a whopping 7 more from 2006 to 2007. I had some concern about the average and median prices at first, but some reasearch showed two homes in 2006 sold that sold for over a half million dollars, somewhat unusual for Bryant, and really skewed the average and median prices. But if you look at the increase from 2005 to 2006, seems so far, we may be having a better year than the previous best one!!!                                                                          ...
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