Coventry (Vestavia Hills, AL)
By Rob Roebuck, ABR- Birmingham, AL Real Estate
Of course I'm biased, but I always thought I lived in a great neighborhood.  It was confirmed today!  A house that's been vacant for a while went on the market and the showings were non-stop!  A neighbor asked me if they only wanted $1 for the house judging by the constant influx of people! The house is a bank owned property that was foreclosed on, and now it's on the market again.  It was listed about 8 months ago for 100k more than it is now, so the price brought people fast and furious.  It needs a lot of work, and still may be overpriced, but I know it has at least one offer already!  Good for those of us in the neighborhood who take care of our homes.....even though we may never sell! Rob 
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