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By Pradip Burman
(Debt Care Doctor)
Consolidating the debt of your credit card could be the smartest possible decision you can make. If you are looking for good credit now and you expect the same in the near future, you must opt for credit card consolidation. Consolidation has been a very familiar way of combining your debt so that you might never be overburdened with the debt of your credit card.  read more
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By Ahmad Nazri Nordn
Today’s mortgage rates are at historically low levels. So, scoring a low mortgage rate when compared to other decades in recent history is not hard. The trouble comes in when you are trying to get the average low mortgage rate and your credit or finances keep lenders from offering you the going rate. Or, it could be that despite the going rate, you want something even lower. These are all reasonable scenarios and there are ways to work towards the mortgage rate that you envision.Prepare Before You ApplyIf you know that your credit is shaky, don’t bother to apply for a mortgage loan without first checking into your credit score. You can get your credit reports for free; however, you will have to pay to see your credit scores. You can use some of that payment to procure the services of a ...
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